Mission Impossible….


Today we are planning (and by planning I mean it’s in our minds as a solid thought but has yet to be actually in progress) to go to a museum. I won a free admission to this museum and with my oldest starting 1st grade on Tuesday thought it would be a fun little “Goodbye Summer” trip.

This may sound normal to some, maybe even fun…but I’m forgetting to add the fact that this trip is not only about an hour away, in a very busy hectic chaotic city, but it’s also with 3 other children….the good old 4 against 2 idea. Our kids usually surprise people by their good behavior, but today will be the day we wish we could teleport ourselves back home.

Let’s break this down…..my husband and I will taking our 6 year old, 4 year old, almost 2 year old and 5 week old newborn for an hour long ride into the city. Fascinating enough our newborn most likely will be the least of our issues (unless she cries inconsolably the whole way there for some unknown reason, which with our luck may happen) but I’m going to assume that this mini monster of a toddler may be the biggest issue of all. Who wouldn’t want to hear his ear piercing screeches anyway? Or run around in circles trying to catch him only to be kicked on the way back to the stroller brought only to contain him when he begins to believe he is in a zoo. Or possibly our 4 year old who is still stuck in the his way or no way phase at times and stops walking as if he has cinder blocks attached to his feet. Thankfully our 6 year old has grown out of that and is our only source of some type of sanity, although at times his ears seem to fall off on the way into places too. At that point we are “shit out of luck” as they say or “SOL” for the cool crowd.

Although I could be 100% wrong and I could have the best behaved children in that whole museum who are going to actually walk with us without being reminded and have beautiful smiles on their little faces without a tantrum in sight, I know that’s probably not going to happen.

So within our hour ride I will be mentally preparing myself for all that can, may and probably will happen. Usually daddy’s presence makes them on their better behavior so I will only hope that stands true. Not that I would ever dare to go on this adventure without him, that’s just foolish and asking to get the “what the hell is she thinking?!” looks from others.

I will update on this family fun filled weekend with hopefully nothing but positive happy go lucky stories (don’t hold your breathe) but I have some hope, more so desperation that my kids will prove me horribly wrong and allow me to be pleasantly surprised.

Stay tuned.


A mother on mission impossible 🙂


The never ending To-Do list…

A post I’m sure most mommies can relate to. Definitely mommies of multiple children. So here we go.

I wake up every morning with a determined mindset to at least get half of my minds to do list done by the end of the day. I am still getting used to having a newborn all over again and terrible twos from a child who is not even two years old yet. As I let this set in and attempt to juggle my duties as a mommy and wife, I realize my expectations are almost unrealistic. As much as I would absolutely LOVE to do the dishes, wash clothes, clean up, feed and care for my newborn, along with showing attention to my two other kids and even get some learning time in with my toddler it’s just become impossible in a days work. Oh yea! And I still have school supply shopping to do for my oldest who starts school on Tuesday….yes, this upcoming Tuesday as in 5 days away. (Don’t judge me)

Most moms know that the simplest tasks such as using the bathroom or even taking a nice long hot shower are never the same or just that simple after having kids. Today I am going to try to do the unthinkable. I am going to attempt to get at least if not more than half my to-do list done before heading off to work.


A want to be super mom



Some may read this headline and automatically think something negative. This is not one of those posts. Although I AM trapped. But I am trapped by something so precious, so beautiful, that I could remain trapped forever without a care in the world.

I lay here, unable to move. The growls of my stomach are silenced by my own selfishness. My toddler is taking a nap and as much as I would love to get up and do all the errands and chores of the day I physically,mentally and emotionally just cannot get up.

There is 8lbs and 9oz laying so peacefully in all her innocence on my chest. I can gaze at her for hours and she absolutely loves the warmth of my body and sound of my heartbeat as it beats along the side of her cheek. I couldn’t possibly disturb her and move her to get up and get my day started. Especially with the knowledge I have. The wisdom to know that before I know it she will not only be too big to lay on top of me but won’t want to. Iv watched my others grow far too quickly and refuse to let her. So yes, I am going to make my chores wait and lay right here on this couch and bask in all the amazing feelings I get from watching her sleep and realizing this beautiful Babygirl is my last precious little baby and I will not take one minute for granted.

They say never wake a sleeping baby anyway. So I have a valid excuse. They told me so.


A mother not wanting her baby to grow up

Three Musketeers


I have talked about my daughter a lot but have yet to introduce my three musketeers. They are a triple threat with the best qualities. Loving, caring, and handsome.

From left to right we have my 4 year old step-son, my 2 year old son and my 6 year old son. Yes…all 2 years apart. I say “step-son” to be technical but in all reality he is just a son I didn’t physically push out. It’s hard to believe as I look at his 4 year old face that I was buying a cake and decorating for his 1st birthday. Then again, I look at my 6 year old who is entering first grade in 2 weeks and finding it hard to believe that I am going to be the mother to a first grader.
These two boys have had a bond since they met, like long lost brothers, ever since then they still have that bond and I can’t imagine it ever going away. It has been amazing watching them grow and learn together and watch their love for each other blossom without a care in the world that they are not biologically related. That is the true definition of love.

And then we have our 2 year old….he was thee PERFECT baby, slept through the night by 3 months old and was on a sippy cup by 5 months. Before we knew it he was turning 18 months and becoming a Tasmanian devil by the days before we knew it. Now with him turning 2 in a couple months, I get to experience the ear piercing screams and constant temper tantrums over everything and anything. Luckily he has his two amazing brothers who choose to not only put up with his new found craziness but console him and help him when they can, or more so when he lets them. He knows how to test our patience and sanity, as every toddler does, but besides his normal toddler ways, he is a loving and smart little boy that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Now we have our newest addition who just turned a month old. Our oldest was hoping for a boy and said “if it’s a girl, I’m locking myself in my room!” Luckily for me he had fallen in love with her and has changed him mind. All the boys are such huge helps with her. Even our youngest who loves trying to stop her from crying by giving her pacifier to her and gives her lots of kisses. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the children we have. They keep us on our toes and always give us a new adventure and memory to reminisce and talk about. Our little princess has the best brothers and we have the most amazing children.

A mother of four

The “W” Word


    The day has come and gone…

    Yesterday was the day I was going to unwillingly leave my precious one month old and head off to the “W” word.
    The day I had been trying to mentally prepare for and failed horribly. It wasn’t all day (nor will it ever be) but it was long enough to make me wonder what she was doing and how she was feeling every second of every hour I was there.
    Of course I knew she was in good hands. She was in the best of hands besides mine. She was with Daddy. But the attachment I have formed with her and the fact that she just turned 1 month old didn’t help my anxiety filled mind think of everything and anything that could go wrong.

    Of course when I got home, she was perfectly content along with her brothers and my husbands first shift as super dad was over. In all honesty I enjoy learning something new and getting out of the four walls that have kept me captive for months. I enjoy the option to actually miss my kids by being away from them for once. But I am also practically a new mom all over again and leaving your little ones will never be any easier no matter how many kids you may have.

    So heads up to all couples thinking of becoming parents, new parents and parents trying for another…it never gets easier, even the simplest things become difficult. Even the most innocent of acts become a challenge and make you question every aspect of it. You no longer think for or only about yourself, in fact, yourself usually becomes last on your list of priorities.

    But it’s worth it. There is no greater love then that of a child.

    A “W”orking Mom 🙂

The way to a mans heart….


….is through his stomach. At least that’s what they say. I would agree with that along with many other things you will need to win a mans heart over, but that’s another post.
Along with art I take pride in my cooking. I don’t bake, I don’t cook every type of meal of the day, I don’t even make big fantastic dinners that often, and I definitely am no Gordon Ramsey; but when I do cook I cook pretty well…at least that’s what I’m told by my biggest fan/critic, my husband.

This particular dish pictured was my Chicken Alfredo dish I made the other day. And by made I mean taking care of kids usually doing everything with one hand with a newborn in the other and making sure it’s done by time my husband gets home from work. (Or a couple minutes after if I get highly distracted with the demands of my little minions). But this is by far one of my husbands favorite. And when I’m feeling in a good mood, I like to remind him I can actually kind of cook lol

When I first met my husband and was told the stories of the not so great meals that had been made for him in the past, and listened to him admit he ate minute rice from a box, I knew I had to do something. I knew this would win me some future wife points 🙂
I made a homemade dish of speghetti with homemade meatballs. I almost closed my eyes as he took his first bite hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed or even worse, think it’s horrible….but to my pleasant surprise he loved it. Slowly but surely that first homemade meal turned into many including but not limited to Lasagna, Baked Ziti, Rice and Beans with his “favorite sauce” as he calls it, steaks, pork, and many more. If I had more to spend without the vampires in my house called children who prefer money over blood, I would love to expand and cook different more upscale dishes. But for now my dinners seem to be satisfying the ones I love and that’s all the praise and reassurance I need.

A secret fan of cooking

I’ve been robbed…

My husband has robbed me.
My oldest son has decided I am no longer cool.
At 6 years old he has become my husbands tail.
Whatever my husband is doing, he is right beside him watching and learning.
Wherever my husband is going, he is running to get his shoes to follow.
I knew it was going to happen, just didn’t expect it so soon.
But I love the bond they have formed and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
My husband robbed me of my cool points, for now 😉

A mommy on a mission to regain my coolness 🙂

How is it possible?


How is it possible that we created such a beautiful little being? How is it possible the very thing that caused me so much pain and discomfort could be so precious and innocent? How is it possible that I could fall so far in love with someone I just met? How is it possible that this little person will teach me things before I can even begin to teach her? How is it possible that she so easily changed our life by just being born and entering into our world? How is it possible this little being took over our heart? She has us wrapped around her little finger. She probably always will. She is our one and only daughter. She has given us an experience we never had before. An experience in which we had no idea what to expect or what to do. It’s a learning experience for all of us, but we have accepted it with open arms and will forever be grateful for this blessing we call our daughter. (Who just so happens to have 3 amazing big brothers who will make sure she is protected at all times for the rest of her life when mommy and daddy are no longer on this earth)
We love you ❤️

A miracle has occurred!


With a little determination I finally did my nails again! I waited patiently until my newborn was down for her cat nap and my boys were preoccupied to sit down, get all my things out and start painting these nails that have been far overdue. Just as the brush hit my fingernail, my newborn sensed mommy was trying to have some “me” time and decided to start having a screaming fit out of nowhere. A child that would usually be in the deepest of sleeps for at least 2 hours was now demanding me mid stroke to go cater to her…..so to say the least, this design was more than rushed with every 5 minutes she gave me. But I finished it. I did the impossible. And that is good enough for now. 🙂