Back in Action!


Hi everyone!

I have fell off planet earth for a while but don’t worry! I have made it back and am ready to fill you in!

As some of you may or may not know I just semi recently (10 months ago) had my first little girl (another blog in itself). Now with 3 little ones I physically pushed out and a step son I love as my own we are up to a 4 child family. (Ages: 7, 5, 2 1/2, and 10 months).

I have learned to accept our little big family, even though I am convinced my 2 year old is from another planet…an evil one..where they are taught in the womb how to torture their mothers. But I love him too much to send him back πŸ™‚

I have found I love reading articles/blogs about having multiple kids (at 5am while my early bird of a daughter is up 😬) not only are they funny, but very true. I guess in a way they reassure me I’m not as crazy as I possibly think I am for having so many kids. Β If you have 0 kids people think your selfish, if you have 4 or more they think your crazy lol by time you get past 2 you start realizing there is no such thing as a perfect parent and happily accept that. Found out that studies have shown having 3 kids rather than 1-2 is the most stressful while having 4 had the least stressed moms. All of the points are pretty valid. Although 1-2 kids seems like a breeze now, all the fun, valuable lessons learned for them (and us), the “never a boring day” feeling and amount of love they have and give to each other is worth all the headaches, tantrums, inability to “run into the store real quick”, 24/7 cartoons and lack of sleep. Kids of larger families learn there is no such thing as being selfish, learn the value of money, forever have a play date and with a couple little helpers actually makes parenting a little easier ☺️ I’m not encouraging anyone to have a mini sports team or circus, but if you think you may want to, just know your not crazy.. just really brave lol

I am dedicating myself to a good 5 minutes of my 24 hour day to get back to this blogging thing. With kids and a life like mine I would almost feel guilty not letting people get a little laugh out of my everyday adventurous (as my daughter chews on her foot as I’m trying to write this)

Stay tuned 😁




After a a couple weeks of being sick thanks to my walking germs called children I am finally feeling better and back in action. As they say, there are no sick days as a mommy, which is a beyond true statement. I survived. That’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

So expect more post from this mommy, who has recently found out I have a spoiled 2 month old. Yes, this is somehow possible…don’t worry, there will be a new post for this. Until then goodnight/goodmorning.


a recovering mommy

Please excuse my absence…


Here is my excuse note.

I have been a little busy trying to do a little bit of everything. Between my normal days of dealing with my most amazing children and now taking on a part time job on top of it I have also decided to invest some time into showing off my beautiful little girl and boy as many have adored their precious little faces. My book is still a work in progress since I am desperately longing for a computer since writing a book on a smart phone is not the easiest of tasks. Other than that I have enjoyed watching my big 1st grader go off on the big boy yellow bus by himself for the first time and have finally let it all set in. I am slowly but surely getting into this making lunch and getting out the house on time routine. Life is taking many different directions along with my brain and although a bit unorganized I am still managing it all. Trying my best to at least. Here are some pics as proof of my excuses and I will make sure from now on to bump my blog up on my priority list a bit.