Who would have known




So to say it nicely, I’ve been feeling like s%&t lately. I already have back problems due to scoliosis so that didn’t surprise me…what did surprise me was the amount of pain I was in compared to my “normal” amounts of pain. Along with that I was extremely tired, to the point of falling asleep while sitting up even after a full nights sleep. Anyone with a newborn and 2 year old will understand why that’s not acceptable. Not to mention other symptoms I had been having such as swollen throat and overall sickness that I brushed away as my oldest just bringing germs home from school. After a MRI on my back and blood work done I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease.

Who would have known.

I was not expecting that at all being I don’t remember being bit by a tick although I do remember having a bite on my leg from something just didn’t know what. So here I am now on antibiotics for a month in hopes to start feeling better soon and regain myself back a little instead of feeling like I’m becoming part of the couch.


A Lymes Disease patient




After a a couple weeks of being sick thanks to my walking germs called children I am finally feeling better and back in action. As they say, there are no sick days as a mommy, which is a beyond true statement. I survived. That’s all that matters. 🙂

So expect more post from this mommy, who has recently found out I have a spoiled 2 month old. Yes, this is somehow possible…don’t worry, there will be a new post for this. Until then goodnight/goodmorning.


a recovering mommy