Please excuse my absence…


Here is my excuse note.

I have been a little busy trying to do a little bit of everything. Between my normal days of dealing with my most amazing children and now taking on a part time job on top of it I have also decided to invest some time into showing off my beautiful little girl and boy as many have adored their precious little faces. My book is still a work in progress since I am desperately longing for a computer since writing a book on a smart phone is not the easiest of tasks. Other than that I have enjoyed watching my big 1st grader go off on the big boy yellow bus by himself for the first time and have finally let it all set in. I am slowly but surely getting into this making lunch and getting out the house on time routine. Life is taking many different directions along with my brain and although a bit unorganized I am still managing it all. Trying my best to at least. Here are some pics as proof of my excuses and I will make sure from now on to bump my blog up on my priority list a bit.



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