Some may read this headline and automatically think something negative. This is not one of those posts. Although I AM trapped. But I am trapped by something so precious, so beautiful, that I could remain trapped forever without a care in the world.

I lay here, unable to move. The growls of my stomach are silenced by my own selfishness. My toddler is taking a nap and as much as I would love to get up and do all the errands and chores of the day I physically,mentally and emotionally just cannot get up.

There is 8lbs and 9oz laying so peacefully in all her innocence on my chest. I can gaze at her for hours and she absolutely loves the warmth of my body and sound of my heartbeat as it beats along the side of her cheek. I couldn’t possibly disturb her and move her to get up and get my day started. Especially with the knowledge I have. The wisdom to know that before I know it she will not only be too big to lay on top of me but won’t want to. Iv watched my others grow far too quickly and refuse to let her. So yes, I am going to make my chores wait and lay right here on this couch and bask in all the amazing feelings I get from watching her sleep and realizing this beautiful Babygirl is my last precious little baby and I will not take one minute for granted.

They say never wake a sleeping baby anyway. So I have a valid excuse. They told me so.


A mother not wanting her baby to grow up

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