A Face So Precious


I can stare at her all day.

Whether she is awake or asleep. Whether she’s trying to keep up with all the lights, objects and people around her stimulating her little brain, or smiling and cooing in her sweetest of dreams. I can literally just sit here and stare at her….all day.

She reminds me of the purpose of life. The purpose of MY life. She reminds me the reasons why I will fight any battle, jump through any obstacle, and pass every test life may give to make sure she has the best I can give her.

I will not be the perfect parent, and I can only hope she forgives me for any mistakes I know I will make in the present and in the future.

So as I sit here and gaze at her as she slowly falls asleep beside me, I know that although I may not be the perfect parent and most likely never will be, there will never be another soul on this planet, or any other planet for that matter, that will love and cherish her as much as I do now and always will, until the end of my time.

She is and forever will be my everything. My lifeline.


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