Welcome to my world….

Hello World,

So I was given some advice to start a blog from the man I call my husband and father of my children. I had no idea of a topic being that personal hobbies do not exist in my household (for now) with us having a 6 year old, almost 2 year old and 1 week old newborn.  Trust me, there are many, MANY, things I am interested in or wishing I was doing/learning about, there just simply is not enough time in the day for any of it with the demands of these little humans. So as I sit here with the 10 minutes of free time I have snuck to the bathroom to have (as most moms do), I decided to think of a topic many can relate to, that has ups, downs and all arounds, and that can even possibly help some of the women who may be thinking “am I the only one?!” So here is my amazing, interesting, full of life topic:

I am a mom.

Prepare yourself for many post about the daily life of living with and caring for multiple kids, products that are life savers for anyone who may need them, and most likely a couple of vents and rants in between about how I must be admitted into a psyc ward….immediately.

I can only hope my fellow mommies can relate and even gain some type of satisfaction in knowing you are not the only one who feels crazy on a daily basis. And If not, at the least, find a little humor in my insanity. Goodnight.


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