Sleep…I wish I knew you.

To whoever may be reading this…

Once upon a time, sleep used to be my best friend….damn you motherhood.

I’m not sure what time zone you are in, but as of now it is 2:11am…yes AM as in the morning. Do I want to be up? Of course not. But there is a certain little someone who demands me to be, and will probably demand me to be up again in another 3 or 4 hours. And of course, with a full belly and clean diaper, she lays her precious, beautiful, innocent little head down and falls back into her sweetest of little dreams…..and I lay here, wide awake, writing this post.

So on that note, I will now lay in the dark, in hopes to fall back asleep before I am reawaken by the demands of a newborn and enjoy the bags I get to look forward to in my reflection.



4 thoughts on “Sleep…I wish I knew you.

  1. Before i saw your post , i was heart broken by the experiences of women i read online who are struggling with child birth as a result of something or the other, and some died of such frustration, so i think , the heart wrenching screams of these babies and the trouble kids put one through is far more consoling than the frustration of not beign able to have one. I ThankGod for you sis


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