I have the time, but where’s my energy?!

Being a stay at home mom is the furthest thing from easy. There is no adult interaction, no designated break times, no paid sick days or an opportunity to call out when you just don’t feel like facing the day. I know both ends of the spectrum, I went to school and worked full time with both of my oldest children, it wasn’t until I was let go from my previous job with this last pregnancy that I took on the role of the stay at home mommy.

With that being said, there a certainly times of my day where I get a little bit of free time to do things I like to do, only problem is I have NO energy to do them.

For instance, nail art is one of my self proclaimed talents. ( I will include some picturesΒ at the end). I took pride in creating such beautiful nails, all by hand, without any training, and was even featured in a nail art magazine. But, as any woman who even attempts to simply paint their own nails knows it takes time, energy, patience, no distractions or interruptions and more time to dry before all your hard work is ruined. Therefore, my nail art has been halted.

As I sit here writing this blog as my two oldest play with their toys and my youngest takes her nap, I realize I probably could be doing my nails that are currently chipped and in desperate need of a new paint job. But on top of not having the energy, I refuse to risk being halfway through and having to get up to mediate a fight over a toy, or stop my almost 2 year old f rom somehow spilling his “non spill” cup everywhere, Β or have my newborn decide she wants to eat earlier than expected, so with that being said, this mommy will be rocking the chipped nail polish look for another day.

Ah, the sacrafices of motherhood.

Here are some of my nail arts from before my little munchkin came along πŸ™‚




7 thoughts on “I have the time, but where’s my energy?!

  1. very true indeed, WOMEN have got LAAAAAARGE capacity,” Strenght of a woman” it’s called.. And Before you know it, those little kids will become grown adorable adults , and it’ll seem just like yesterday.


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